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TRAN​SPORT​ATION ROUTE Ford Car3 Pax Seater GMC 6 Pax Seater Mini Bus 10 Pax Seater Coaster 22 Pax Seater Innova 4 pax seater
Jeddah airport to Jeddah hotel or vice versa £41 £58 £69 £102 N.A
Jeddah airport to Makkah hotel or vice versa £59 £92 £81 £125 £87
Jeddah airport to Madinah hotel or vice versa £153 £209 £186 £231 N.A
Makkah hotel to Madinah hotel or vice versa £120 £181 £154 £208 £125
Madinah Airport to Madinah hotel or vice versa £41 £58 £69 £102 £75
waiting per hour charge £19 £25 £25 £30 £28
mazarath Makkah or Madinah £54 £74 £74 £96 £56

Due to government restrictions, Madina Airport to Hotel trips will be arranged through local taxi (Charges: £30 per 3 Pax)

In case of excess luggage, We will provide a separate vehicle to accommodate, and agent will be charged accordingly.

Terms & Conditions:

(Agents are requested to inform their guests with the below condition at the time of booking)
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice and are in GBP.
  • In case the requested vehicle is not available, an equivalent vehicle will be arranged
  • No refunds for cancelation within 48 hours of the trip time
  • In case of No-Show; full amount as per vehicle and Sector will be charged
  • Drivers will wait for Maximum (30 Min at Hotels) (60 Min at Airports) as per Schedule time, after that No-Show fee will be charged
  • In the event of circumstantial change in plans, or unable to deliver the vehicle on time, Arabian will only refund directly affected trip sector, and will not be hold accountable on effects on future trips or subsequent damages
  • These rates are from today till 15th Shaban